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About BBW Consultants

BBW is a truly independent telecoms consultancy.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer completely impartial advice and support to our clients.

Providing services to both UK and multinational clients, our Telecoms Consultants have an impressive track record of delivering effective solutions to clients.  By offering a comprehensive range of professional, technical and business communications advice and support, BBW is able to cater for a broad range of telecoms requirements.

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BBW specialise in multinational projects.  Recent assignments include global telecoms procurements, single supplier agreements, multi-country audits, international contact centres and data networks.

BBW are founder members of the Consultant Alliance, which allows us to provide a cost effective and efficient service to clients across the globe.

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Local Government, housing, health, education etc.  BBW have over 20 years of providing expert support to public sector clients and we fully understand the unique challenges.

Our clients include major NHS Trusts, local councils, schools and housing associations.

BBW have a particular specialism in social housing where we support clients right across the UK.

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Our UK business clients range from professional practices to manufacturing and financial services.  Past clients include organisations such as LV, Kenwood and

Projects range from telecoms audits and procurements, to the development of new strategies and reviews of products such as Microsoft Lync and cloud services.

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ISDX, HiCom, Definity - End of Life

The time has finally come!  After many years of clients “sweating” old PBX assets, manufacturers are announcing end of support for some of their older models.  There are, of course, thousands of these systems still installed and working very...

Are Outbound Contact Centres Legal?

With increasing regulation in many countries, have governments effectively outlawed outbound contact centres?  Regulation is resulting in significant fines for major organisations, along with the risk of reputational damage from the bad publicity following regulatory breaches.  In the UK,...

How do I maintain WAN service with Office 365?

The move to Microsoft Office 365 is happening across BBW’s client base at an almost incredible pace.  Originally considered an SME solution, clients of all sizes are moving to Office 365, including some of the largest multinationals.  The reasons...

What is 5G?

In most countries, including the UK, 4G coverage remains very limited.  But the press and social media have recently been full of articles about 5G.  Europe and South Korea have announced a pact to develop 5G services and ZTE...